Oceana: Five down, four to go

Über die Kollegen in China und Indien habe ich schon berichtet, heute geht es in die USA. Dort ist Oceana für den Schutz der Meere aktiv. Sie schreiben über sich:

WE ARE INTERESTED IN RESULTS. To achieve real benefits for the oceans, Oceana conducts focused, strategic campaigns. Each campaign has a specific timeframe and objective that will make a significant difference to the oceans. Each campaign combines scientific, legal, policy and advocacy approaches to reach its goal.

Sie kämpfen gegen Verschmutzung, Überfischung, Klimawandel, und gegen Chloralkali-Werke, die mit Quecksilbertechnik arbeiten:

Most people remain unaware that a small subset of the chlorine industry makes a major – and completely preventable – contribution to the global mercury crisis. Chlorine is a chemical building-block used in everything from swimming pools to plastic tents to paper towels. In 1894, a process was devised to produce chlorine by pumping a saltwater solution (brine) through a vat of mercury, or „mercury-cell,“ that catalyzes an electrolytic chemical reaction. Newer technologies that do not use mercury have been developed. Yet a number of plants around the world continue to use the unnecessary outdated technology, releasing tons of mercury into our environment each year!


In Deutschland gibt es sogar noch acht Chlor-Werke mit Quecksilbertechnik.


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